what’s so funny?

what’s so funny?

2017 has been a funny year
even more hysterical than every year before
it’s hard to choose what’s most funny
what about the one about the daughter of the sexual predator in chief
championing women or his wife and poor excuse for first lady
championing the cause of bullying
or what about the pro-life crowd who supports
a candidate who ruined the lives of young and innocent girls
when did they stop being lives to protect
before or after he tried to rape them
maybe the religious right’s reaction could be the next thursday sitcom
or what about my ex using an intimate photo i took
for her dating app profile to meet “that spectacular woman”
while trying to win me back telling me i was her only love in all the world
except for her national search radius and her online dating zip code
or the knock knock joke about her new dating app match “girlrider” who “didn’t have an edge” at first
but has edge enough for her to continue to follow her on spotify and twice on you tube
described to me as a local musician who might have a show
when i asked directly who was there at her door knocking with every right, at the time, to know
i didn’t realize i should be following musicians’ personal you tube channels
before even seeing them in concert, where have i been hiding
and why is she still following me around online when she can’t handle the truth
directly from me but reads and listens to what i have to say publicly and via music on spotify
doesn’t she realize in my poetry and my explicit podcast i can and will say whatever i please
i must just be one of the enormous pack of sources who’s being followed just to tease
it’s like the funniest joke ever set to a country song and you say it best when you say nothing at all
and all i need is a wifi signal to see you tell the truth
i have just been crying
crying with laughter at these knock knock jokes they are hysterical
you should take the show “i’m not a narcissist” on the road to be picked up by comedy central
maybe i will turn on comedy central and get my mind off things for awhile
oh i forgot entertainment is filled with scary accusations growing by the minute
because courage multiplies upon courage
and women just don’t get the joke anymore in this country and #metoo i just don’t get it either
i would go to the movies but they’re filled with women running in terror in retrospect even in the comedies
maybe i should daydream of being young when life was simpler
but i was bullied in my youth and ridiculed to the point of tears for being different
to make fun of my voice kids from school recorded me
and played it back on my street through a boom box like in say anything but not really
maybe they should subscribe to my podcast now and we could share a few hearty laughs
but it will probably never come to that
so i continue chasing the tears more than the clown these days, it’s sad but true
and every once and awhile i have a moment of reverie
laughing from deep inside my belly or watching someone else laugh
or better than both, sharing a laugh both of us wondering how could it be
in 2017 the way it’s turning out to be so far
what could possibly be, what’s so funny?

©heather petropoulos 2017


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