falling in c major

falling in c major

love songs are either right on target or nowhere close
and i find that even the close ones fall short to reach us in our gray area
maybe all together they can scratch the surface of falling in c major
would you stay if she promised you heaven
asked fleetwood mac but was rhiannon
really promising all of that
percy sledge in proposing what goes on
when a man loves a woman
wasn’t really accounting for the rest of us, what if we’re two women
and what if the narrator from the beatles
who saw her standing there
should have noticed the girl just to her left
don’t the platters really mean tears
when they crone that smoke gets in your eyes
i highly doubt it’s just a cigarette
and does sia ever fear her elastic heart will snap
at least she admits being like a rubber band
until receiving too hard a tug from your hand
lesley gore was onto something
not wanting to be owned
but how does she account for any thief who stole her heart and soul
when etta james exclaims that her love has come along
that her lonely days are over
what about the years and months and weeks before or after even
does ellie goulding bother accounting
for those of us without any father’s words
when she offers to hold you as long as your father told you
bruce springsteen had it mostly right
assuming that everything you need will stay a million miles away
but what if i have just the right map of you and knew your every curve just so
when melissa etheridge suggests i come to your window
does she worry about what could befall me getting there
did she even think about the danger?
cliff richard and sarah brightman try to convince us
that a lover’s words will warm and calm you
but surely they’ve never argued with some of my ex-girlfriends
adele is nearly perfect you could be deaf for that to notice
but is all i ask
really a viable premise at the end of two in love
elton john’s song for you really grabs love by the horns of it
he even has verses that got him quite cross
but i find it hard to believe that with all of that he could forget the color of your eyes
does al green really think that they’ll be together
whether times are good or bad, happy or sad
even if someone lies or cheats or mistreats in any circumstance
and cat stevens is such a teaser not knowing how he can tell you
when it’s plain to see that his simple words and phrases
say more than not knowing what to say
bob dylan got accolades for writing with good metaphor
realizing that there is a pain that stops and starts
that ever since you’ve been apart can be like a corkscrew to his heart
the rolling stones separated themselves from the early pain
just watching as tears go by
unattached to them or us or me or you
leonard cohen realized most of all that dancing and the end of love
could combine in the most sublimely unrequiet
only slowly being shown what he knew the limits of until his own dying
ingrid michaelson mustn’t live near a liquor store or a grocery store even
being unable to drink you gone or eat you gone either
and without a bed not even sleeping works
george michael lied to me since my youth
trying to convince me that just one more try
would satisfy the pain behind his last goodbye
and prince was a such liar too
did he only want to one time see you laughing in the purple rain
rain that would be tainted purple for a lifetime
amy winehouse: where to even begin
trying would be an absolutely losing game
just like love is a losing game and we made such a mess with ours
and whitney when you covered dolly’s song
you lied most of all saying that you would be in our way
if you had stayed when you’re staying is what we would have wanted anyway
great big world what if i said the things you asked and it didn’t work
what if she said these things too
but i look behind me and i am not being followed anywhere by anyone
sam cooke i am confused
how could i ever be able to with my best my very best
set her free and wish her love with anyone but me
and the revisionist history of david gray sometimes appeals
when history weighs mostly not red but blue
he pleads baby say it isn’t true you were never there it wasn’t you if only it was this easy
michael jackson captured the dichotomy most in 1979
singing tom bahler’s lines
not knowing whether to laugh or cry, live or die
hedwig brilliantly explained in musical verse
that he saw so many things in your eyes i see now
sun and hurricanes and rains and black and cloudy skies
does eminem really love the way you lie how could he
especially when it feels like a steel knife in his windpipe
must be because other times it felt like he was superman with the wind at his back to her lois lane
jazz set the standard for our loving lives before the ends
someone to watch over you embracing the embraceable you
never knowing what to do when your funny valentine goes away
never hesitating to share all of me come rain or come shine
after one whole quart of brandy wild again, beguiled again
just hold me tight and tell me you miss me at last
even modern music has the formula of love found and lost and found again
under the milky way every time you go away you take a piece of me with you
i’ll unfold before you would have strung together the very first words
of a lifelong love letter thank you sarah it’s just you and me on my island of hope
a breath between us could be miles let me surround you my sea to your shore thanking you sarah again
with every answer comes another question
baby can i hold you i can’t fight this feeling anymore
oh my love, when you say nothing at all what’ll i do
nothing compares to you but you always hurt the ones you love and is it over yet
i can’t make you love me so say hello and wave goodbye
wondering why you don’t bring me flowers anymore and what i should do in the absence of your company
but what i know i know deep in my heart to be true
i know when it’s real and i know when it’s like ani says
one minute there was road beneath us, the next just skies above us
i know my false and true notes and i know yours too and i know when either of us is off pitch
and when we see each other it’s all alanis morissette
you see everything you see every part you see all my light and you love my dark
don’t you know i will bend every light in brooklyn and make sure they’re shining on you
like a great big world says i am already home
and all i have is this feeling inside of me the only thing i’ve ever known
and all of my senses are intact like john denver once said
you fill up my senses like a night in a forest
like a storm in a desert you make me feel like these when i let myself
and just like adele giving us her perfect touch
you look like a movie you sound like a song
and part of me keeps holding on just in case it hasn’t gone
and all of this could be quite simple much simpler than the ones who get it wrong
even in 1990 extreme got the formula down
if you only knew how easy it would be to show me how you feel
more than words is all you have to do and there is nothing else i ask of you
and fleetwood mac knew the deal when christine sang that the songbirds are singing like they know the score just like elvis presley knew so long ago they can’t help themselves
that like a river flows surely to the sea darling so it goes some things are meant to be
i want what sade described when being on the outside not being able to get in
that you will show up and somehow show me home
is this too much to ask like mary chapin carpenter wonders
and when it doesn’t happen for me again i have the perfect sad songs
singing to me with their perfect pitches
like damien rice wondering why you fill my sorrow with the words you’ve borrowed from the only place you’ve known and why did you sing hallelujah if it means nothing to you
i sometimes wonder why we ever started our own song in the first place
and you feel like a boomerang of my heart like sarah bareilles supposes
no matter what i say or do i’ll feel you here until the moment i’m gone
and i don’t know how to be a planet caught by the force of yours anymore
but at least i have these songs on the light and dark sides of the same moon as you are under
and no matter what we try to sing or write or do
i will always be falling in love with you here in c major


©heather petropoulos 2017


2 thoughts on “falling in c major

  1. Wow! Beautiful and poignant and heart wrenching. Are these songs all in c major or is there another meaning behind that. Love your use of language. ❤️ Sandra

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    1. thanks Sandra! your feedback means a lot as a fellow writer! when I sing them they are all in c major but it was more just the visual of recording my podcasts and having the readout say “c major” as a default :). and, of course, it is multilayered as always. thanks for writing ❤️


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