when hiding under your bed isn’t an option, part one

I want to share a picture of my bedroom so we can get the title of this blog post out of the way.IMG_4632

I apologize in advance that you won’t be experiencing a climactic moment in the near future when you stumble upon my clever use of the blog title within the blog itself and remark aloud and to yourself “I can hardly tell what came first: the title or the writing?” (or will you?). I also apologize in advance for warning you that the blog picture I have supplied you doesn’t even really back up the point I am trying to make about the title of the blog and you will be left, after my daft explanation, resenting the fact that you increased my blog view stats by staying long enough to read the 66th word.

Did you just count the words? I hope not because this is definitely not a blog about counting or furniture science and I should be trusted with neither topic. The truth is that I have no idea how many words this blog contains so far. I am quite sure; however, that is it scientifically impossible for me to hide under my bed. What you can’t see from the picture I supplied (for no good reason other than the fact that it is a picture of the room of my apartment where my bed is because I am not a furniture scientist) is that there is no way to hide under my bed because there are three drawers on the platform underneath my bed on each side of it. What I hope to prove more captivating is why I have wanted to hide under my bed in the first place (we can agree that falls short as a blog title).

I am certain that, regardless of political affiliation, belief in God or religion or your status as living in or out of a cave for the past 140 full days (I haven’t counted today or Inauguration Day because I am not sure I yet believe it was an actual Inauguration and today isn’t over and I have my hopes) you have noted a different vibe in the geographical United States of America. I would like to state for the record that I am not writing as a journalist, a political commentator or a person of interest in the inquiry into the Russian involvement in our last election. I will state for the record that I am writing as a soulful, spiritual and truthful human being, as a female, as an artist, as a lesbian who would support the rights and equality of all people regardless of my sexual orientation, as a New Yorker, raised, as a citizen of Brooklyn and as a proud member of Generation “X”.

There hasn’t really been a day since November 9th at around 3:30am that I haven’t wondered if I couldn’t crawl into one of those drawers under my bed rather than spend my hours awake realizing that a bully, a sexual predator, a liar, a misogynist, someone without even the slightest regard for the country he is paid to serve and the fact that the country he is paid to serve was recently targeted by the biggest known opposing country in the world (Russia) was elected into the highest office of our government; rather than realizing that someone who spent a large chunk of his time as a private citizen when the previous President was in office questioning that President’s heritage due to blatant racism and not facts was rewarded with the highest office in our government; rather than realizing that a sexual predator who was “caught” on tape making lewd and disrespectful comments about women and a female colleague was awarded with anything at all with the help of some of the same gender that he offended.

I wasn’t a huge fan of Hilary Clinton’s (this blog isn’t about her or why I wasn’t a huge fan), but there was never one iota of doubt in my mind who I was voting for in the most recent presidential election. My view of politics is neither glass half full or half empty. I think the glass is dirty. I felt spoiled by the person Barack Obama was and is. I don’t think the office of the president in this country, or in any country, is without flaw or questionable moral ground. But I think Barack Obama is an exceptional human being. And I can be an excellent judge of that based upon being an observer of people and having been raised with an excellent grasp of morals and integrity. If I didn’t have all the information I needed about him during the eight years of his presidency, all I would need is the Barack Obama of these past 140 full days. He isn’t being compensated to hold a public office any longer. He doesn’t answer to anyone funding anything anymore. And he has a charisma, a smile, a compassion, an intelligence, an integrity and an utmost respect for his wife, his family and other human beings that makes him exceptional. And when I reflect on the kind of president I think Hilary Clinton could have been (if given the fair chance to have been one), I think of comic and writer Amy Schumer’s words at the time as ringing truest for me: “she would have taken care of us”.

to be continued…



4 thoughts on “when hiding under your bed isn’t an option, part one

  1. Amazing and hits every nail… with pure accuracy..you have an awesome vision of what this world has become..what a breath of fresh air to read this.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Dear friend,
    What a moving, urgent piece of writing. I of course see and the humor you incorporate in the very beginning of this and then I continue and I feel the distress and compassion that flows throughout. Beautiful work! And, for the record, you would do well as any journalist out there. I think Rachel has rubbed off on you 😊. Keep writing, it is the most healing thing you can do. Thank you for sharing your love of mankind and the earth. So grateful we’re on the same side. ❤️

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    1. Thank you, dear friend! I so appreciate your feedback as a fellow writer! Means so much!
      Oh well I certainly have turned to her for some sanity so maybe she has 😁.
      So grateful we are on the same side also and I will certainly try! What a catharsis, right? Thanks again! Made my night!


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