true north

true north let’s sleep out back under the stars tonight and let star collisions drop dust into our eyes like glitter fingertip to fingertip our breathing slowly shifts and catches this is our clean slate let’s write and draw and paint all over this copy with thin tipped sharpies and then put it under plastic […]

me too

me too this poem has no statute of limitations but what good would a statute do when my accused have no trending social media accounts and some are probably even dead and not many people will even hear this podcast i am talking into a pillow me too me three me four me five me […]


gratitude i am grateful for music and the times i get goosebumps from it like eminem’s performance on snl after being a fan for at least twenty years i am grateful for this cup of coffee still warm on this chilly day i am grateful for the years i got with my grandma and grandpa […]

what’s so funny?

what’s so funny? 2017 has been a funny year even more hysterical than every year before it’s hard to choose what’s most funny what about the one about the daughter of the sexual predator in chief championing women or his wife and poor excuse for first lady championing the cause of bullying or what about […]

falling in c major

falling in c major love songs are either right on target or nowhere close and i find that even the close ones fall short to reach us in our gray area maybe all together they can scratch the surface of falling in c major would you stay if she promised you heaven asked fleetwood mac […]